Chemispol is a family based company established in 1997. Our main focus is in synthesis of various rodenticides and other organic substances. We develop technological processes. High quality, product purity and efficiency is what matters to us.  Our company has been growing by 25 - 30 % annually.


We participate in global registration process of active substances and application formulas. Our exclusive business partner is PelGar International Ltd. (UK). Chemispol also provides professional studies and opinions and develops new analytic methods. We also prepare  impurity standards, their identification and synthesis and supply all of these to institutions and customers.

What do we work on?

Our portfolio contains a rodenticide application formula, another formula is currently being tested. We are developing a complete new form of rodenticide active substance that works completely differently compared to the current anticoagulant rodenticides


We always look for talented engineers.

If you feel you are interested in working for Chemispol send us your CV/resume to [email protected].


Contact Us

  Chemispol, spol. s r.o.
FACTORY: Areál Spolana, Neratovice
ADMINISTRATION: Zenklova 32/28, 180 00, Praha 8
EMAIL: [email protected]
TEL: +420720991280